Blog 'O Basic

A basic blog system for any entrepreneur or business to start creating a presence on the web. This product is ideal for those wanting to break into the e-commerce field and is a great start out system for generating an online presence. The Blog o' basic allows you to Post content and images in a standard blog format, and includes a comment system for visitors. This system is expandable allowing for future possible growth for your site.


  • Blog and Visitor comments function.
  • Built in WYSIWYG editor
  • Poll (allow people to vote what they think on hot topics)
  • Automatic Archive system by month.
  • Standard SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Contact form, so users can contact you safely and directly.
  • Search Feature for your site.


Pro's and Con's:



A platform that allows you to create a professional image, either for yourself or as a business. For those whom want to progress their business or personal interests into the World of the Web

Only allows you to post blog content

Ability to expand from small blog system to fully featured website without the need to change website systems.

Limited functionality and features when compared to standard websites

Built in Basic Search engine optimization to increase your chance of being found on search engines such as google, yahoo and Bing

Expensive when compared to other free blog systems like by Google

No knowledge of HTML needed.



Basic Blog

What you get:

  1. Basic blog platform you can post blog content to your hearts content, you are not limited to the amount of blogs you can write.
  2. Built in WYSIWYG (When Creating a new blog you can easily change the font size, colour link to other pages without the need of knowing HTML)
  3. Allow people to comment and give feedback on your posts.
  4. A platform that allows you to create a professional image, either for yourself personally or as a business.
  5. A system that can be easily upgraded to a full blown website/social network.